Italian Championship Middle and Relay

Forest of Cansiglio
08/05/2021 - 09/05/2021

Orienteering Tarzo


Race office opens
First start
Prize giving ceremony
Race office opens
First start
Prize giving ceremony

Technical information

Race type:
For both the races will be used the system Sportident Air+, also for the Finish stations. Classic punching will be possible. There aren't SIAC available for renting.

The classes Beginners, Direct, MW10 e MW12 will use the punching start.
Foresta del Cansiglio - Archetton, Valmenera CO895 (scale 1:10000, cl. 5 m). Techical terrain

Race Middle:
  • Agonistic: MW14, MW16, MW18, MW20, MW Elite, MWB, MW35, MW40, MW45, MW50, MW55, MW60, MW65, MW70, MW75
  • Not agonistic: Beginners (Esordienti), Direct, MW10, MW12
Race Relay:
  • Agonistic 3 legs: MW17, MW20, MW Elite, MWAK, MW35, MW45, MW55, OPEN
  • Agonistic 2 legs: M65
  • Not agonistic 3 legs: MW13
  • Not agonistic individual: Beginners (Esordienti), MW10, Direct
Prizegiving ceremony:
The will be the prize giving ceremony only for the Elite classes. The prizes for the other classes will be available in the event office.


Athletes with FISO membership (Italians):
Through own club via FISO website within the May, 3rd (23.59 CEST). On the competition day we will accept entries only in open noncompetitive classes (as long as we have maps).
Foreign athletes:
Via email to ti.oz1642797832ratro1642797832@inoi1642797832zircs1642797832i1642797832 with the same deadline of Italians. Athletes coming from an extra-Schengen country must check if a VISA is needed to reach Italy from their country. We can support a VISA for sport reason. Do you need information about how to travel in Italy with the COVID-19? Dedicated webpage in English from the Ministry of Health.
For the noncompetitive classes is possible to register on the same day of the races. For insurance reason it's essential to be registered to FISO (or other foreign federation), the FISO membership may be made on site (for both, Italians and foreigner). For more information email to ti.oz1642797832ratro1642797832@inoi1642797832zircs1642797832i1642797832.
All support requests should be sent to the email ti.oz1642797832ratro1642797832@inoi1642797832zircs1642797832i1642797832. Other contact methods (phone, voice...) don't guarantee a solution for the issues.

Fees and payments

  • 5.00 € - Beginners, Direct, MW10, MW12, MW13 MW14, MW16, MW17
  • 12.00 € - Other classes
  • 2.00 € - Sicard rental
Payment must be made prior of the race by bank transfer (see bank details) or via PayPal/Credit card (pay now). On the site we accept the payment using the following credit/debit cards: Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Union Pay (also through Google Pay and Apple Pay). The total amount to pay is visible in entry list per club or it could be requested by email writing to ti.oz1642797832ratro1642797832@inoi1642797832zircs1642797832i1642797832.

Organizing Committee

Race Director:
Edoardo Tona
Vice Race Director:
Luigi Pin
National Controller / IOF Adviser:
Stefano Raus
Course Setter:
Federico Venezian
Course controllers:
Roland Pin, Michael Baggio
Course assistants:
Alessandro De Biasi, Erik Nielsen
Race office:
Chiara Sanzovo
Ercole Pin
Silvano Bernardi
Prize giving:
Renato Baggio
Trail-O race:
Swallows Noale

How to get here

  • Ritrovo: coordinates and driving directions
  • Parcheggio: coordinates and driving directions
  • Area camper: coordinates and driving directions
  • Parcheggio camper alternativo: coordinates and driving directions

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