Tour Trevigiano

Borgo Sonego, Fregona (TV)

Orienteering Tarzo
Parco Grotte del Caglieron


First Start
Prize giving ceremony

Technical information

Race type:
Classic race with punching start
Borgo Sonego (scale 1:4000, eq. 2.5m). ISSprOM 2019. Mixed terrain: very detailed old town, meadows and woods. Significant difference in height.
BIANCO e LUDICO-MOTORIO (very easy): length 1.4km + 50m, 19 points - GIALLO (easy): 2.2km + 90m, 21 points - ROSSO (difficult): 3.5km + 160m, 26 points - NERO (very difficult): 4.2km + 200m, 31 points


Athletes with FISO membership (Italians):
Through own club via FISO website within the November, 4th (23.59 CET). On the competition day we will accept entries in any class (as long as we have maps).
Foreign athletes:
Via email to ti.oz1716137311ratro1716137311@inoi1716137311zircs1716137311i1716137311 with the same deadline of Italians. Athletes coming from an extra-Schengen country must check if a VISA is needed to reach Italy from their country. We can support a VISA for sport reason. Do you need information about how to travel in Italy with the COVID-19? Dedicated webpage in English from the Ministry of Health.
For the noncompetitive classes is possible to register on the same day of the races. For insurance reason it's essential to be registered to an orienteering club (associated to FISO or any other foreign federation) otherwise only the entry on "Ludico Motorio" is possible, a very simple course without results. For more information email to ti.oz1716137311ratro1716137311@inoi1716137311zircs1716137311i1716137311.
All support requests should be sent to the email ti.oz1716137311ratro1716137311@inoi1716137311zircs1716137311i1716137311. Other contact methods (phone, voice...) don't guarantee a solution for the issues.

Fees and payments

  • 5.00 € - Entry fee
  • 2.00 € - FISO daily membership
Payment must be made prior of the race by bank transfer (see bank details) or using card (pay now). On the site we accept the payment using the following credit/debit cards: Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Union Pay (also through Google Pay and Apple Pay). The total amount to pay is visible in entry list per club or it could be requested by email writing to ti.oz1716137311ratro1716137311@inoi1716137311zircs1716137311i1716137311.

How to get here

  • Ritrovo presso il circolo sociale: coordinates and driving directions
  • Parcheggio nei pressi della chiesa: coordinates and driving directions
  • Parcheggio: coordinates and driving directions

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Comune di Fregona
Comune di Fregona